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Meet Kishore Perumal, our Mechanical Engineering student from India

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Sep 22, 2016 12:32:44 PM

Country of Citizenship:

Auburn Global Program: IAP (International Accelerator Program)

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Aubrun Tradition: Rolling Toomer's Corner 

Favorite Sport: Boxing

Why Auburn?

Auburn University is located in a very safe college town. My cousin, who goes to a school in a large city, told me that it was better to go to a school located in a smaller college town because it provides a better environment to study and I think that he’s right. Auburn is also home to the presitgious Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, which was a big factor for me when making my decision.

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Friendship and Football: The International Buddy Program Fosters Lasting Friendships

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Sep 15, 2016 5:17:40 PM


“War Eagle!” It’s a greeting. It’s a way for members of the Auburn family to identify with one another no matter where they are. It’s the battle cry that Auburn fans hold near and dear to their hearts. During the Auburn/Arkansas State game last weekend in Jordan Hare Stadium, Auburn Global student, Wenbin (“Billy”) Zhu, and his friend, Jake Cotton, shouted “War Eagle!” together as they watched the Auburn Tigers secure their first win of the season.

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Fall 2016 Progression Ceremony

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Sep 9, 2016 5:33:58 PM

At Auburn Global we have the honor of accompanying students throughout their academic ventures in the U.S. We have the pleasure of picking students up at the airport, helping them settle in to their new homes, and assisting in their social and academic transitions to life in the U.S. We also have the privilege of celebrating with them as they reach important milestones in their academic journeys. On the evening of September 7, we held our Fall 2016 Progression Ceremony to honor students who successfully completed their Auburn Global coursework.

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Career Accelerator Mock Career Fair

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Aug 25, 2016 12:10:02 PM


Last week, almost 40 Auburn Global students attended Auburn Global’s mock (practice) career fair. As a part of Auburn Global’s Career Accelerator, the goal of the event was to prepare students for future career fairs where they could meet people who could connect them with internship and career opportunities.

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Welcome Students! Fall 2016 Orientation Recap

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Aug 18, 2016 12:37:29 PM

Last week Auburn Global welcomed new students from seven countries including China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Vietnam during our first intake for the Fall 2016 semester.

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How to Get Along with your New Roommates- Straight from the Students

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Aug 12, 2016 6:16:19 PM

For many freshmen, going away for college may be the first time that they live with someone new. While learning how to get along with someone new can be difficult, many people form friendships with their roommates. Some roommates become so close that they take road trips together and stay connected long after graduation. While having roommates can be fun, there are some challenges that many people face when living with someone new for the first time. We asked some of our students and Global Residents to share their tips on how to get along with your new roommates. Here’s what they had to say!

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What I wish I would have known... Insight from a Current Auburn Global Student

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Aug 4, 2016 4:46:58 PM


Auburn Global student, Elvfi Ye from China, discusses some of the things that she wishes she would have known about life in the U.S. before coming to Auburn. 

“If you are reading this right now and have made the decision to study abroad, I must say that I think you are very brave! You’ll encounter a new environment, a new language, new people… at first everything will seem strange. This brave step can lead you on a colorful journey, which I have grown to appreciate as I’ve spent more time here. I hope that this blog will provide you with some useful information about the U.S. and Auburn that I’ve gathered through my experiences here.

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Meet Mohammed: Our Mechanical Engineering student from Saudi Arabia

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Jul 27, 2016 11:51:53 AM

Name: Mohammed Hamad Aladwan

Country of Citizenship: Saudi Arabia

Auburn Global Program: Academic Accelerator Program

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite American Food: Burgers and steaks

Hobbies: Exercising 

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Meet Xuan Do, Our Accounting Student from Vietnam

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Jul 22, 2016 6:59:41 PM


Country of Citizenship: Vietnam

Major: Accounting

Auburn Global Program: Academic Accelerator Program

Favorite Auburn Tradition: I love that Aubie comes to a lot of the events on campus. I just love Aubie. When I first came here and saw him I thought "wow!" 

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Global Women's Group

Posted by Courtney Edwards | Jul 15, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Last Thursday, Auburn Global held its first official Global Women’s Group meeting. The purpose of the group is to provide Auburn Global women with opportunities to network, grow, and develop by connecting students, faculty, and staff with resources on campus.

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The Auburn International Accelerator Program (IAP) eases international students' transition to a university in the U.S. by combining credit-bearing courses from the first year of your degree with additional support services, teaching tailored to your academic and language level, and cultural experiences, helping to ensure your future success.

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